Album: Night Drive

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1. Jesus and Elvis 4:24
2. Never So Lonely 5:49 (lyrics)
3. Seeds of Hope (The Last March) 4:31 (lyrics)
4. Roman Coin 5:08 (lyrics)
5. Corrina, Corrina 5:44
6. Love’s Been Linked to the Blues 3:42
7. Phone Booth 5:10 (lyrics)
8. Colliertown 5:11 (lyrics)
9. Golden Fields 7:30 (lyrics)
10. Borealis 2:15
11. Night Drive 9:49 (lyrics)


©1996 Snowgoose

“stunning…Night Drive will be remembered as one of the most important songs of the decade” Sing Out

“Garnet is a master of delivery, and knows how to pick and pen songs to deliver. True, some are loud and electric – especially Colliertown. But some are soft and gentle (Corrinna Corrinna) and some are downright brilliant… This may be the best GR album so far, but be prepared for a bit more volume than last time.” Jack Cole, Old Chestnuts Song Circle Newsletter

Night Drive is a remarkable achievement for a musician known for his passionate, powerful performances, his profound and moving Iyrics, his amazing voice, and his stellar musicianship. The recording weaves through a provocative combination of tunes that cut to the bone – emotionally and musically .

Night Drive features the talents of a number of exceptional artists, including guitarists Dan Achen (Junkhouse), and Duke Levine (Mary Chapin Carpenter) and singer David Sereda. Although most of the tunes are Rogers’ own the recording features covers of songs by Greg Brown and David Olney. The highlight of the release is the title track and its companion piece, Golden Fields.

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Never So Lonely

Tommy swung a brush hook for the county all last year
Now he sits in some dark pool hall,
Pulling on a long necked beer
On one hand’s tattooed the word””
On the other hand there is “hate”
He lights a smoke and rubs the scars on his knuckles

His wife is living here on borrowed time
She needs a place to call her own
Tommy’s out; she can’t stay here
Where she once called home
The marks of his “too-perfect” love are a shadow on her face
She shakes and waits beside him in the darkness

Never felt so lonely as when lying in his bed
The fear that lay between them
The brutal words he’d said
No more of flinching from his hands
No more of living with this fear
She’s bought her ticket, she’s made her plans
He’s not worth another tear

She says she knows it’s wrong
But while he’s gone she sometimes misses him
The feeling comes too often
Stays too long, like phantom pain from a missing limb
She knows she’s safer on her own
Thank God there were no kids
But had there been she till would
Find a way to leave him

Morning can’t come too soon for her
She’s up before the dawn
Tiptoes past him, locks his door
Waits out on the lawn
She looks back at the silent house
As the windows start to glow
And with her finger writes “Good-bye”
upon his windshield

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Seeds of Hope
Music: David Tamulevich, Lyrics: Garnet Rogers

Take my hand and we will walk together
Take my hand you will not walk alone
Take my hand, this night won’t last forever
We’ll harvest seeds of hope we’ve sown

In your eyes I see you feel uncertain
In your eyes I see you feel alone
In your eyes I see your heart is hurting
You long for rest and hope and home

Dry your eyes there is an end to sorrow
Dry your eyes there is an end to night
Dry your eyes and we will shake this sorrow
The dark will run before the light

And so as season follows season
There is no love no prayer in vain
The hardest heart still looks for reason
As the driest earth still welcomes rain

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Roman Coin

Last night of the turning year
I walked a snowbound hill
The sun’s last rays not yet burned away
The sky was cold and still
And the moon shown like a Roman coin
Silver worn and bent
I have no tears now left to cry
My tears have all been spent

Wild geese resting in a field of hay
They preen and stretch their wings
Feathered beasts, the softest grey
Like willows in the spring
Watch them rise and take to wing
Giving voice in the evening air
Ah, my eyes feel the sudden sting
Of tears I swore weren’t there

Tears of sorrow, tears of rage
That’s all there is; there is no more
Tears for the hand in farewell raised
And the closing of the door

Where are you this winter night?
God keep you from all harm
May the wind that blows to you this night
Find you safe and warm
May your eyes always turn to morning
In some place you call your home
May your dreams all come to flower
May you find love of your own

I turned my collar to the rising wind
I turned my steps to home
Soft footfall behind me then
I did not walk alone
A small warm hand slipped into mine
Two eyes raised to my own
And the fairest flower of womankind
Stood by to lead me home

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Phone Booth

How many times has he picked up the phone
To call her, when he’s had too much to drink at night?
Whisky singing in his veins,
He dials her number once again
In the ghostly phone booth light
He hears her phone ring through the static
She picks it up and says, “hello”
And with shaking hands and pounding heart
He asks her again, “why do we have to be apart this way?”

He hears her silence, then she clears her throat
And while he finds the bottle hidden in his coat
She says, “you know we’ve been through this before.”
The silence grows, moments pass
His fear has clouded up the glass
Inside the phone booth door
Tonight his words won’t go the distance
He had so much he meant to say
They listen to each other breathe
Then she finally speaks and says
“I had to leave, you know it’s best this way.”

He’s fighting for some words to say
Some perfect phrase to win her back
Or sway her to her side
Still the silence grows, it fills the phone
And it chills him to his very bones,
And leaves him with no pride
“Does it not matter that I love you?
Don’t you love me anymore?”
She takes a breath and then says, “no,
I used to; that was long ago.
Don’t call her anymore.”

He bows his head, replaces the receiver
Trying hard not to believe there’s no hope anymore
And he waits until his fears have passed
His forehead pressed up against the glass
And then he opens up the door
And the nightwind greets him like a lover;
Her cold fingers brush up against his cheek
Then she chases papers down the street
Past doorways, where lovers meet
And huddle in the night
Then he puts one hand up against the wall
And drains the whiskey
Trying not fall on his stupid face
And the wind it makes a mocking sound
Across the bottle’s mouth
As he stumbles down to watch the river race
In his heart he knows she loves him
If he could only make her see
With his sleeve he wipes his streaming eyes;
Finds a quarter; he’ll give it one more try
To make her see the light.

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My family got lucky
They escaped from this place
This poor tired town
With its poor haggard face
The hills rise around me
They threaten and frown
Life no parole here
In Colliertown

The mine and the tower
Stand as symbols of greed
Who would feed upon hunger?
Who would feed upon need?
Who would build families’ futures
on such treacherous ground?
You’re just profit and loss here
In Colliertown

At the courthouse they gather
And they wait in a line
For some kind of justice
For those who died in the mine
The cameras flash brightly
An explosion of stars
The owners cover their faces
And they run for their cars.
The lawyers talk smoothly
For the six o’clock news
Here in Colliertown
Only the innocent lose.

They closed down the courtroom
Nobody knows why
Men’s faces darken
They try not to cry

I stood by the foundation of my grandfather’s barn
I looked down the valley
At the quiet green farms
The sweet flowing river, as it gently runs down
No sins washed away here
In Colliertown

So my family got lucky
They escaped from this place
This poor tired town
With its poor haggard face
The ghosts of the fallen
They still wander around
Waiting for justice
In Colliertown

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Golden Fields

Where the dark pines dwindle
And the plains begin
The highway stretches out like it’ll never end
See it shine and beckon
Like a band of steel
Running into the shadows of these golden fields

Rain falls in sunlit curtains
Far across the land
Clouds cast their shadows on the hills
Like the shape of God’s hand
Smell of rain and sweetgrass
fresh earth from the plow
Dark furrows revealed
The gulls look like angels
Above these golden fields

I was but a boy here
Twenty years a go
Staring out this window
At this same dark road
Heard the night wheel whisper
Heard the whine of the wheels
Felt all the lure and mystery
Off these golden fields

Small towns pass slowly
To the left and the right
Cities glow like embers
Scattered in the night
I’m lost in remembering
What the years cannot heal
Gone now forever
From these golden fields

Whisky in my coffee
Cigarette in your hand
Distant voices haunt us
On the radio band
Watching for the morning
Your hands upon the wheel
We are young forever
In these golden fields

I stopped the car this morning
To give my eyes a rest
Heard the night wind falter
Stand still, try to hold its breath
No lure now, no mystery
No secret revealed
Just the cry of the nightbirds
Above these golden fields

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Night Drive
Yellowhead highway

How bright the stars
How dark the night
How long have I been sleeping?
Sleep overtook me on my westward flight
Held me in its keeping
I had a dream; it seemed so real
Its passing left me shaking
I saw you’re here behind the wheel
On this very road I’m taking

Hurtling westward through the prairie night
Under the spell of motion
Your eyes were clear and bright in the dashboard light
Dreaming of the western ocean
The dusty towns left far behind
Mountains drawing ever nearer
Your face was then as it was tonight
Ever young
Ever clearer

I know this road
And its every curve
Where the hills commence their climbing
We rested here
If my memory serves
The northern lights were shining
You lit a smoke
We shared some wine
We watched the sky in wonder
Your laughter echoes after all this time
In that high and wild blue yonder

I don’t know why I write these lines
It’s not like I could send you the letter
It’s that I love your more after all this time
It’s that I wish I’d shown you better
Years have slipped
Beneath my wheels
Dwindling in my rear view mirror
As time has passed
Your life has seemed less real
But these night drives bring you nearer

So tonight I’ll wish upon these stars
As they rise upward to guide me
That I’ll see you here just as you are
Now, as then, beside me
Scares me how the years have flown
Like the leaves drift in September
They’ve lost sight of you as your legacy’s grown
But this road and I
We remember

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