Album: Archie Fisher – Sunsets I’ve Galloped Into

1. Ashfields and Brine (Fisher)
2. Yonder Banks/The Shipyard Apprentice Campbell, Miles)
3. The Cuillins of Home (Fisher, Mayo Muir)
4. Southside Blues (MacGregor)
5. Silver Coin (Hiscock)
6. The Presence (Fisher, MacGregor)
7. Gunsmoke and Whisky (Fisher)
8. Bill Hosie (Fisher)
9. I Wandered by a Brookside (Traditional)
10. Merry England (Fisher)
11. The Great North Road (Fisher)
12. Eastfield (Fisher)
13. The Black Horse (Fisher)
14. All That You Ask Me (Goss, Goss)

Produced by Garnet Rogers and featuring accompaniment by Garnet and David Woodhead

“Archie is more than a singer, accomplished accompanist and songwriter; he is one of Britain’s finest song interpreters, in the same league as Martin Carthy or Dick Gaughan. Listening to his Sunsets I’ve Galloped Into… drums in that lesson better than any words.” – Sing Out